I'm Rich, but my Alisas is Flying Gunfighter, or Gunfighter for short,that's the name folks in the Cowboy Action Shooting world know me as. SASS #104054

I started my CAS experience in spring of 2016, and I was hooked. I have seen the Cowboy Action Shooting on videos, thought it looked pretty darn cool, but wasn't really expecting to jump right in. I wanted to buy a lever action rifle, but I figured I might as well get on that I could use for CAS, if I ever decided to do it. I contacted Polish Pistilero at the local club to keep info and opinions on guns and calibers, well, two months later I was shooting.


me back

I currently shot -

A pair of SAA (Single Action Army) Colt Clones, by Ubert, in .38/.357 caliber

Winchester 1873 Lever Action Clone, also by Uberti, in .38/.357 caliber

Winchester 1897 Pump Shotgun, in 12 gauge